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Having been a bride myself, I know how quickly the wedding day passes. I remember how inconceivable it was that hundreds (hundreds) of hours went into planning such a special event that was over in a day. I recall the day after my wedding, just wanting to turn back time to tell myself to take every moment in, hug those out of town guests one more time, and gaze into my new husbands eye a little longer during our first dance. But I couldn’t… until the gallery of my wedding images came and I could relive it all again… as many times as I wanted! That is what I wish for each of my J Binkley Brides; a wedding experience so amazing, so memorable, so joyful; you can’t help but want to turn back the clocks.  

So please, take a look around, see more of my interests below, and drop me a note to say hello!

I can’t wait to create an experience for you!

I am a wedding photographer based near Ashburn, VA. I married my best friend, Jacob in 2016 (Best Day Ever!) and everyday is a blessing from above. We have two little ones, Joey & Josie; and a fur baby named Toby Bryan. On any given day you will find me on the farm tending to my gardens (blasted weeds!), creating new home projects (the list is always growing), trying out new dessert recipes (Pinterest-Fail), dancing in the kitchen, or finding new ways to make my baby girl giggle with glee!

To describe my personality; I would say I have a calm-soul, I am detail oriented, sarcastically funny, fun-loving and a great listener. All of those qualities are what make my Bride’s wedding experience unique. From the very beginning I am with you every step of the way. I make sure you are prepared with my custom J Binkley Bridal Guide (it answers SO many wedding planning questions), I use the engagement session to guide you confidently through various natural poses, I help calm your nervous pre-ceremony jitters, and I create a overly-fun atmosphere for bridal portraits and family formals!

Meet Jacqueline

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a few of my favorite things...

Not just a delicious ice cream substitute... but it could even be considered a meal replacement!
I mean when has a milkshake ever been so good for you?

Halo Top

Whether it's a book, show, or podcast; I am all about a good who-dun-it. Add a mug of chai tea with almond milk and I am ready for an evening in!

A Mystery

The view, the horses, the bunnies, the dog & cats, the garden, and the soon to be chicken coop... I love it all! But my favorite is sitting on the porch swing in the evening with my hubby after a long day; sipping sweet tea and listening to the crickets play their melody.

The farm

I love sweets. But I also love being healthy. So I compromise... Because lets be honest... If I didn't, I would eat a whole bowl of cookie dough in one sitting. #RealLife