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Jacqueline Binkley

photography for joyful people

Meet JacquelinE

wife | mother | photographer | epic karaoke singer

ok... maybe not epic... but I have a damn good time!

On any given day you will find me on the farm tending to my gardens (blasted weeds!), creating new home projects (the list is always growing), trying out new dessert recipes (Pinterest-Fail), dancing in the kitchen with my hubby Jacob, listening to my son Joey regale his daily adventures, or finding new ways to make my baby girls, Josie & Juliana giggle with glee!


I would say I have a calm-soul, I am detail oriented, sarcastically funny, fun-loving and a great listener. Basically all the things that are great for being a photographer!

I know what aspects of the day are most important... (i.e. ALL OF IT!). I remember how inconceivable it was that hundreds (hundreds) of hours went into planning such a special event that was over in a day.

I recall the day after my wedding, just wanting to turn back time to tell myself to take every moment in, hug those out of town guests one more time, and gaze into my new husbands eye a little longer during our first dance.

But I couldn’t…

Until the gallery of my wedding images came and I could relive it all again… as many times as I wanted!

To describe my personality:

Having been a bride myself

Is a wedding experience so amazing, so memorable, so joyful; you can’t help but want to turn back the clocks!

what I wish for each of my couples...

cruisin' song

Tacos, queso & margaritas anyone?!

Secret Talent

Take my money

guilty pleasure

alternate job

favorite food

Flipping houses like joanna gaines

Reality Shows - so much drama!

home goods & amazon (sigh)

Decorating Cakes

Bluebird by Miranda lambert

The jacqueline morgan guidebook

just a few of the things prominently displayed in my life

Where the music meets the sea... that's where I'll be. *Most likely with a drink in my hand... It is truly my happy place!

Virginia Beach

Too many? Maybe. But I love the flowy freedom they provide! I find jeans so restrictive and only worth wearing for short periods of time. Dresses are all day-everyday!

closet full of dresses

Maybe it's the fresh air, perhaps it's the warmth of the sun, or possibly, just possibly, it's that my kids can run/jump/be loud and not destroy the house... regardless you'll find us outside most days!

being outdoors

With kids ranging from one-nine years old, the luxury of being able to read an actual book daily is limited. But having someone else read me the book, that's priceless! Current Fav: You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero


Love It

Hate It

Why Bake it?

Ahhh freshness, with a hint of fish

Obviously not in real life...

Yes, I love dogs ~AND~ cats (gasp!)

Just MOVE already!

We're already seated, we have a good thing going, bring on the dessert now, not later. *Please*

DVR = Ah-mazing 

Soaking wet clothes - ugh