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Springtime… bringing about chilly mornings with hot afternoons, green grass, trees full of leaves, and marathon races. You may think I got off track there with the last one, but trust me, I did not. 😂

About two years ago, Kelli contacted me with so much sunshine and love in her email. She knew I needed to capture her wedding and I knew she was a gem with how much personality came through her written words!

Their engagement session has been a long time coming, and it was SO much fun! The original location was to be at Harper’s Ferry, WV. However, when I arrived early to find parking and scout out locations, I couldn’t help but notice the plethora of visitors in town. Turns out… not only were people there to enjoy the gorgeous weather, they were there for a marathon!! The only parking would have been a 1.5 mile walk away from town. Usually not bad, I can work with whatever is dealt to me, but there were cones and fence up for sidewalk construction, so that meant no photos along the way, just merely walking…

To me, it didn’t sound like the best way to utilize the session time, especially with the overflow of people in the background. So after a phone call to the couple, we switched things up and went to the family farm.

Kelli & Erik are so adorable, to say the least! Whatever prompt or pose I suggested, they happily did with their own flourish. Erik, a music teacher, has no problem taking an idea and running with it… quite literally! At one point, I asked them to run towards me together and Erik full on sprinted while Kelli and I laughed at his enthusiasm!

Their love story is very much like my own with my hubby. They met, they had a date, and they just knew. 💕 Just from the hour I spent with them, I can tell they have a special love, one full of laughter, joy, and appreciation for each other.

I am so VERY excited for their wedding next month and cannot wait to witness these two surrounded by their family and friends!

Erik & Kelli… thank you both for such an amazing session and I look forward to laughing with you two soon! ✨ Peace & Happiness ✨

May 22, 2021

Erik & Kelli – An Engagement Session on The Farm

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I adore creating images that are BRIGHT, COLORFUL, JOYFUL, & TIMELESS!
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