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I always realized Purcellville, Virginia was a colorful quaint town that would be perfect for an engagement session, but the area hadn’t meant enough to one of my couple’s yet to use it. Until now!

Megan & Ryan love the little town and wanted to preserve the fact that their first family home was located near by!

So we scheduled a date… then a thunderstorm popped up. Our “rain date” was looking very promising though, blue skies were forecasted! Then wouldn’t you know it… a storm popped up about half way into the session!

Luckily, Purcellville has a cute train station type building with a large roof overhang and a pavilion nearby!

It was such a cute session! Especially since their little boy Sawyer accompanied them. He is such a laid back babe and was happy as a lark watching the rain drip off the roof.

He definitely gets his personality from his parents! Megan & Ryan have a love that is playful, fun, and easy-going. Both will say they love how each other’s smile will light up a room and spending time together just talking makes time stand still. Megan said “when you know, you know” and it couldn’t be more true!

I am very excited to capture all of the joyful, happy emotions on their wedding day this fall!! Thank you both (and Sawyer!) for a wonderful session!!

Special Note to Family & Friends: Help Ryan & Megan earn a free 16×20 Metal Print by commenting at the bottom of this page! Once they reach 30 comments, they will be able to select their favorite image to hang in their home.

May 29, 2019

Ryan & Megan | Purcellville VA Engagement Session

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