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Some of you already know, but I had a baby girl in November. She has her daddy’s eyes and hair, but my smile ūüôā¬†She is SO amazing and I am blessed to be her Momma!¬†While on maternity leave (amid the diaper changing, cuddling, sleeping, and recovering)¬†I was able to just BE…

BE figuring out how to be a Momma to a newborn

BE thinking about life and how it is going through a season of change

BE thinking about my business and what areas I want to grow

And I got to thinking that life is a series of experiences strung together…

I had just experienced pregnancy and all of its highs and lows

I experienced a c-section

I experienced the overwhelming emotion of relief, joy, and love at the sound of my daughter’s first cries

I experienced recovery, tiredness, a roller coaster of emotions, crying until I laughed, and vice versa

Why am I putting all of this out there?

Because I realize that experiences are part of daily life and they really help shape our emotions, thoughts, and actions.

Trying a new restaurant… did you have a positive¬†experience?

Go to a new yoga class… how was the¬†experience?

Got engaged recently… what emotions did you experience?

Why does this realization matter?

Because I want my J Binkley Brides to have an AMAZING experience with their wedding photography!

No… not just with their wedding photography… their whole engagement!

From the time my brides contact me inquiring¬†about their date, they aren’t going to receive a short Yes, I am available or No I am Not¬†response. I’m going to engage in conversation with you… I¬†want to hear about YOU. Your love story. Your visions for a perfect wedding day. Then I will share tips, advice, and ideas to help you down the path toward a positive experience!

I want you to know I am by your side from the first email to beyond the wedding day! Your engagement and wedding day is full of experiences, so lets make them all sweet, loving, and full of laughter!

Send me a note to become a J Binkley Bride!!

p.s. here is my sweet baby girl!

March 2, 2018

Life Is A Series Of Experiences…

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I adore creating images that are BRIGHT, COLORFUL, JOYFUL, & TIMELESS!
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With each session you will receive a curated gallery of beautiful portraits you will cherish,
along with candid images that bring a smile to your lips and,
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I will guide you every step of the way with gentle prompts to evoke natural embraces,
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