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Introducing… Toby Bryan!

Toby is a Pit-Chessie mix who came into my life in 2012 when he was 8 weeks old. He was my fur baby before I met my husband and had real babies 😉

I will always remember the day I found Toby, or rather, he found me…

It was my senior year of college and my afternoon class had been cancelled so I was able to tag along with my mom and her friend on their shopping excursion to town. On our way back home we passed by the animal shelter and my mom convinced me to stop by just to take a look. (I had to say goodbye to my dog a few years before and couldn’t bring myself to adopt another dog just yet.)

So we walked through the kennels and here is this small floppy eared pup with his sister. They had been dropped off in the field behind the kennel that morning. When I held him in my arms I new he was a special boy, but I told him I just didn’t think I could give him the life he deserved with taking classes all day and working. So with a heavy heart we left.

Half way home, with tears in my eyes, I asked my mom to turn around. I knew I could give him everything he deserved and I already had a name chosen for him. So we returned to the shelter and mom looked at me and said “Happy Halloween from your Dad & I, we will get him for you!” (Side note: Halloween is my favorite holiday!)

From that day forward, Toby would go to class with me, walk the canal in town, play with his sister (who was adopted by another college student at my school!), run around the farm, and enjoy life! Now, he takes his new job of protecting his momma and her kids very seriously. He is the best dog I could have ever asked for!

Toby Enjoys:
Making new friends
Eating cheese, treats, and basically anything you are willing to give him
Playing with Joey and giving Josie kisses
Saying hello to the new animals on the farm
Being the best 94lb lap dog in the world
And, of course, looking as bored as possible in photos…

July 3, 2018

Toby Bryan Morgan

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