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I met Katie my first semester at college. We both were majoring in Family & Consumer Science at Shepherd University, and happened to have a Tuesday & Thursday night class together called Food & Meal Management…

Basically we baked cookies, got graded on our pie-making skills (apparently not my strong suit, but that is a story for another day), making applesauce, committing to memory how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon, and hosted themed dinners for a grade.

Did I ever mention I had a fun major?? No? Well… I did lol Pair that with Apparel Construction; a fancy name for Sewing Class (yet another story for a different day), Child Development, and Financial Planning; I became well versed on how to run a household! 😉

Despite both of us not living on campus, only having that one class together our whole time at Shepherd, and her commute being almost an hour to school; we stayed great friends! We hiked, walked the battlefields, saved a baby bird, visited Nutter’s Ice Cream Shop, shopped for Christmas gifts, found antique stores, and never questioned that we were going to stop by a Thai restaurant for lunch. Not to mention she is my little Josie’s Godmother!

Katie and her husband Rob prayed very hard for this little fella, and I will never forget the day she told me she was finally pregnant! Liam is such a happy, giddy little man; of course he has a happy-go-lucky momma so he gets his glee honestly! Just look at his handsome, toothy smile below!!

April 25, 2018

Katie & Liam | Peach Orchard, WV

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