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 F I R S T L O O K | By now you have probably been asked this question a couple different times and you are probably wondering “What in the world is a first look?!” A first look is when your photographer finds a special location to create a beautiful, personal “reveal” moment between you and your groom. About 10% of couples I photograph tend to stick with tradition and not see each other until the ceremony, but here are a few reasons why a first look can be so memorable, emotional, and stress relieving…

1) IT CALMS THE NERVES. If you are anxious in front of crowds and don’t like to be the center of attention, a first look is for you. Your wedding day is a big moment, depending on how much planning you were involved in means there could be internal stress built up, and being able to see each other will bring you peace of mind and a feeling of weight being lifted off your shoulders.

2) THE EMOTIONS ARE STILL THERE AT THE CEREMONY. Some brides worry their groom won’t be emotional during the ceremony when she starts walking down the aisle if he has already seen her at the first look. Let me say… if he is going to show emotion, he will show them during the first look AND the ceremony. Seeing each other during the private first look is much different than seeing each other in the “this is really happening” mode with family and friends watching.

3) MORE OPPORTUNITY FOR PHOTOS. When a first look is planned, the schedule runs much more smoothly since we have ample time before the ceremony to capture 90% of the portraits. That leaves just 15-20 minutes after the ceremony for family portraits.

4) YOU DON’T NEED TO PAY FOR A COCKTAIL HOUR. The cocktail hour is for guests to enjoy while the bride and groom have their family portraits, bridal party portraits, and bride & groom portraits taken after the ceremony. If you have a first look, we only need about 20 minutes for family portraits after the ceremony. During this time guests can be making their way to the reception, finding their seat, signing the guest book, and getting their drinks before you are ready to be announced.

5) YOUR MAKEUP AND HAIR ARE FRESHLY DONE. With a first look, you have portraits taken while everything is fresh! So no worries of having to touch up anything from heat, rain, wind, or tears at the ceremony!

March 14, 2018

Is A First Look For You?

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