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I know Amber has been patiently awaiting this post 😉 As I was trying to think of a theme to revolve this blog around; I thought it best to just keep it laid back and fun… because, if you know Jay & Amber… you know that would fit them perfectly!

So let’s start with introductions. I met Amber and her dad at The Barns at Maple Valley Farm a couple weeks ago when they arrived for a tour, and she was in love with the place! Moreover, she was in love with my work too 🙂 (Always a great thing! lol) We talked about locations for her engagement session and she loved the idea of the peach orchard blossoms. (Are you getting the feeling that Amber loves everything?)

Well everything loves her back because when we were talking about the peach blossoms, I let her know that they were almost finished blooming for the season and to not get her hopes up too high, but we would certainly try our best to capture them. Well lo’ and behold, the engagement session day came and I held my breath a little as I drove up to the orchard to see if any blooms were left…

And as I neared the orchard… I saw a lot of green baby leaves 🙁


In the middle of the orchard… was one tree. One beautiful, fully blooming, tree! Amber was “over the moon”! (You’ll see why I chose that saying in a minute!)

So now… a little background about Amber & Jay! They met back in 2013 thanks to a handy little app called Plenty of Fish. Amber was skeptical of signing up, but I’m going to go ahead and say she’ll tell you it was worth it! 😉

The kicker for Amber was that she had been going through some medical issues at the time and Jay came to visit her at the hospital after they had been only been talking for a short while. Once she saw him, she knew he was the one. (Oh I just love these stories!)

These two are so sweet together, full of laughter, interesting stare downs (Jay, I’m talking about you!), and plenty of photos in their gallery showing their humorous side. They both have a sincere love and respect for each other that is very apparent in the way they speak and interact.

I do have to give Jay a shout out though… much to the surprise of Amber, Jay was a NATURAL in front of the camera! He even suggested ideas for the posing when he saw different locations. Always love it when the guy enjoys his time in the spotlight too!

Amber & Jay, I am so very excited for your wedding next spring! Thank you both for such an amazing session and being so wonderful!

P.S. One last thing… you know how earlier I said I was going to explain why I chose the saying “over the moon”? Well… while we were up in the orchard, the moon was right behind them and made it into one of their portraits below 😉

May 2, 2018

Jay & Amber | The Barns at Maple Valley Farm, WV

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