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 Hello Late Nighter’s!

(That made me feel like I was hosting Saturday Night Live lol! Although I am fully aware they would have a funnier opening line… and probably JT (Justin Timberlake) making an appearance, but you catch my drift)

Any who, back to my intro… I know it’s late, and by late I mean 9pm… but I just had to brighten your night with these two adorable people; Mark & Ashley!

When I meet up with these two, it’s like a family reunion!

Are we related? No…

But in the last few years I have had the amazing honor of photographing Mark’s Brother’s wedding (Spencer & Lindsay) and was able to see everyone again at their friend’s wedding (Charlie & Stephanie)

Then to top it  all off… Lindsay, Stephanie & I all had our little babes a few months apart!

So when Mark & Ashley contacted me to photograph their wedding I was all sorts of excited!

Unfortunately, when the time came for their engagement session last fall, I was having major pregnancy swelling and wasn’t able to travel for their session. So Frank & Alicia from Happy Little Life Photography filled in for me. (Forever grateful!!) I’ll post a blog from that session too sometime in the near future so you all can enjoy!

When I decided to host the Spring Mini Sessions in the Peach Orchard, I knew I wanted to have these two come down! But of course, the weather. The rain. The cold. The snow?! We had to reschedule a few times, but FINALLY we nailed down a date, chose a new location with spring colors, and wouldn’t you know… it RAINED!! Ugh.

So we made the best of it! We found shelter and awesome light, I had them laughing, hugging, gazing, strolling, nuzzling… You know, all the fun things you do on a normal basis 😉 Then once we had wonderful shots created, we braved the rain and ventured to the original location and got, well, soaked… lol

And these were SUPER rain drops! I mean the kind that hit and soak through instantly, not a gentle mist or slight drizzle. I can only describe it as a soaking rain. But regardless, it was memorable!!

I am SO very excited to see you both on your wedding day! We have already had our fill of bleh weather, so blue sky and a warm gentle breeze is on order for your big day! Enjoy the photos you two and keep on being awesome!!

May 9, 2018

Mark & Ashley | Shepherdstown, WV

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