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Now that I have little ones, Christmas just seems to get better and better each year!

I feel like there is a special magic that enters our home when the decorations come up from their storage boxes in the basement. Then each year I add a little more to our decorations stockpile. Two years ago it was plaid pillows from Pier 1, last year I was recovering from Josie’s birth so shopping for decorations wasn’t really on my high priority list lol and this year (with the help of Hobby Lobby and HomeGoods!) I finally feel like I was able to tie everything together in each room versus random decoration there and here.

So of course, in true photographer’s style, I had to photograph it 🙂

My favorite ornament!

I had a little snow bunny helper! I am very surprised she leaves the tree alone and not try to pull ornaments off. Now the presents under the tree… that’s a different story… she will crawl off with those or take out the tissue paper! lol

 Merry Christmas Everyone!

December 12, 2018

Christmas on the Farm | Northern Virginia Farmhouse Decor

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