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I confess, I’m just not THAT momma…

Which momma? You know the one… the one who documents her little one’s life every month with those cute photos on Facebook saying how much they weigh, their length, and the new things they learn month to month. I wish I was… but the truth is, I typically forget!

I don’t forget her “monthiversary” oh heavens no! I remember quite fondly November 8th, being in the hospital and hearing her first cries! And when I realize it’s the 8th of yet another month that whirled by me, I look at Josie and say “baby girl, you are growing up too quick! Where has the time gone?!”

And while I MEAN to take that special photo to document the new month (I even have those onesie stickers showing the month number), I usually make a mental note… go about my day… and poof… all of a sudden its the 15th and I just silently forgive myself and vow to remember next month.

So by now, you are either shaking your head saying “Amen, you’re preaching to the choir!” or you are thinking back about your photos and giving yourself a pat on the back because you were able to document each month religiously. If you were, thats awesome! You are inspiring! 🙂 If you are in the same boat as me… you are inspiring too! Because lets face it your phone is probably filled with hundreds (hundreds) of photos and videos documenting the daily activities. Mine sure is!

So when my little Josie is in the 12th grade, preparing for graduation (I know, I went from 0-100 real quick!) she won’t be able to compare her monthly milestone photos with the rest of her friends. No, but she will have a journal…

a journal I wrote in during my pregnancy… telling how I told her daddy the amazing news, what week I was when I felt her kick or roll or stretch, the swelling I experienced (oh the swelling) the same journal I wrote in at the hospital, telling her how much she is loved and the same journal I write letters in, letters to her future self to open when she graduates

See? I’m not totally forgetful 😉

So while she won’t have those milestone photos… she will still have a memento documenting her first years.

Plus… when we do actually have a photo shoot… they are definitely unique that’s for sure!

So just keep on keeping on momma! You do what’s right for you! And just know that every time I “like” your kiddos milestone photo, I am sending you an air high five!

April 15, 2018

Josie & I | The Barns at Maple Valley Farm, WV

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