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When I first met Sandon & Katie one evening at a restaurant in Berryville, I knew we were a perfect fit! They are ALWAYS smiling and always happy! And they laugh, oh how they make each other laugh. It’s adorable!

So we went over all the details about their wedding and when we got to the part about planning the engagement session, they loved the idea of taking photos in the peach orchard and around Maple Valley Farm in Shenandoah Jct. So that’s just what we did! The Barns at Maple Valley Farm was having an open house and Sandon & Katie’s whole team of vendors showed up to check out the venue and meet each other. I joked that they brought their posse along, but all the vendors were interested to see the new wedding barn.

The day was rather warm! An 85 degree day sounded splendid, but after withstanding a long winter, that warm air felt like a heatwave in August! (well maybe not that bad…)

We made our way up to the Orchard to start the session and these two breezed through their posing! They even joked that it would have been adorable to have Katie stand on a stool since there is such a height difference. But that’s one of her favorite things about Sandon, he can reach the higher shelves for her! So when we changed locations to the hay shed, I found her a “stool”. We used the stairs on the John Deere tractor and she laughed that she was finally taller than him!

These two are such a fun loving couple and have a deep love and appreciation for each other, which is obvious when you see how they interact with each other. Katie loves him for his big heart, caring demeanor, and sense of humor; and he loves her for her selflessness, intelligence, and that she puts up with him. I am so honored that I am able to share in their happiness as they tie the knot this July! It will be here before you know it and no doubt these two will be dancing and laughing the night away!

Until then… Sandon, keep making Katie laugh! 🙂

April 16, 2018

Sandon & Katie | The Barns at Maple Valley Farm, WV

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