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Every year without fail we have family photos taken! Since my profession is based on the need to capture moments to enjoy for generations, it only seems right! πŸ˜‰

Our photo session can be as simple as setting my camera on a tripod and using my bluetooth remote for a few quick self portrait family photos to capture our moment in life.

Or… sometimes I have my mom take the images.

And sometimes I actually go through the whole process of booking a photographer and selecting a date and time, all the while crossing my fingers that the weather is nice and the kids nap like they are supposed to. πŸ˜‚ See? Photographers know the preparation it takes for a session first hand! That’s why we say, “No worries!” with a smile on our face when you arrive a few minutes late because the baby had a blowout in their diaper or the middle child has a scowl on their face. We’ve personally been there too… πŸ’œ

When we have photos taken each year I always try to vary the season and location so our images have diversity with the backgrounds and clothing options. (Except for our Christmas shoot in front of our tree, that is always with red buffalo plaid!) That’s just a personal preference though! I know many people who have yearly photos taken in the fall at a pumpkin patch or in winter at the Christmas tree farm or in the summer at the beach. There isn’t only one way to schedule family photos, there’s only the choice that makes you happiest!

Here’s a run down of the sessions my family has had so far either with myself/tripod or a photographer:

FYI: I didn’t realize how many sessions we have had until I started getting the images together! πŸ€ͺ

2015: Fall: Family of 3 on the farm where we live captured byΒ Misty Higgins

2015: Winter: Our 1st Christmas captured with tripod

2016: Fall: Wedding at my parent’s venue, The Barns at Maple Valley FarmΒ captured by Misty Higgins

2016: Fall: Honeymoon photos at Virginia Beach captured by David Champagne

2016: Winter: Failed to document this Christmas… 😟

2017: Summer: Maternity at my parent’s farm and the farm we live on captured by my mom

2018: Late Winter: Josie at 12 weeks old captured by myself, props decorated by her godmother, Katie πŸ™Œ

2018: Spring: Family of 4 in a peach orchard with pink blooms captured by Happy Little Life Photography

2018: Fall: Josie’s 1st birthday, captured by myself, props & cake decorated by her godmother, Katie 😍

2018: Winter: Christmas captured by tripod

2019: Spring: Maternity in front of a sheep field and mountains, captured by myself with a tripod

2019: Summer: Newborn Photos with Juliana captured by myself and a tripod

2019: Fall: Family of 5 at my hubby’s PawPaw’s farm captured by The Kents Photography

2019: Winter: Christmas Family of 5 captured by tripod

2020: Summer: Juliana’s 1st Birthday captured by myself

2020: Summer: Family of 5 at Sandbridge Beach

Ah, finally we get to the whole reason for this post: to share my favorite images from our session with Meridith Bright Photography!!

Being a photographer I know the beautiful soft sunlight comes from sessions held very early in the morning in the first hour or two that the sun is rising or in the evening when the sun is setting. The problem though is that in the summer those times are either wayyyyyyy before the kids are up (and you don’t want to wake my oldest daughter up before she’s ready) or after their 7:15/7:30 bedtime.

While I could push their bedtime back a bit, I was dealing with an 11 month old who becomes a cranky princess at the bewitching hour of 7:30. πŸ™„ Meridith completely understood and we started the session a little earlier in the evening knowing I would probably be missing out on that soft golden halo light. Meridith was such a sweetheart and completely aced the session!! We still had gorgeous light and I love all the images!

Capturing the kids and their cuteness each year warms my heart because they grow up so fast! So anything I can do to freeze their innocence and playful spirit is important to me. The images from every session we have are displayed somewhere in our home and each time I catch a glimpse of them, I smile. πŸ₯°

My little miss sweet cheeks 😍

My goofball boy πŸ’š and my free spirit babe πŸŒ™

If you need your family captured this fall/winter, let me know! I know of many gorgeous settings we can hold your session πŸ˜„ Check out Portrait Photography Here

September 1, 2020

Our Family Photos 2020 – Sandbridge Beach

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