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It’s currently afternoon as I am writing this, so its a pretty safe bet that, if you live in this area, you have already looked out the window and have gazed upon the dreary, rainy day. If the warm weather from this past weekend had stuck around, Josie and I would be outside in matching rain boots playing in the puddles! But alas… it’s a chilly rain. So we are hunkered indoors editing photos from this weekend and writing blogs upon blogs!

We did however fill up the bath tub so Josie could go swimming with her new floatie! That was a hoot and a half!

Any who, back to the main star of this post… Kate Natalia!

Isn’t she adorable? 🙂

She turned 4 months yesterday and is a petite little sweetie weighing in a little under 10 pounds! My Josie was born 9lbs 10oz so seeing this dainty lil’ lady was beyond precious!

She wasn’t quite sure about the camera sticking in her face, but her momma was able to provoke a smile or two…

Oh and P.S. You’re Welcome for the cuteness overload in the photos below  😉

April 16, 2018

Kate | Peach Orchard, WV

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